ESR PhD Candidates

Namrah Azmi – NTNU, Norway

A woman. Photo

Namrah Azmi works as a PhD researcher at NTNU in Norway. She comes from Mumbai where she received both her BSc and MSc. Namrah has wide experience over fine chemicals and applied materials science and patenting. Namrah is supervised by Jon Otto Fossum.

Negar Azizi – NTNU, Norway

A woman. PhotoNegar Azizi works as a PhD researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Negar has her background in nuclear physics and photonics and was most recently working in Institute for Advanced Studies in Basics Sciences in Iran. Her expertise includes advanced imaging and microscopic methods and optical methods like interferometry to study particles in biological applications and elsewhere — as well as fluid dynamics in general. Negar is supervised by Paul Dommersnes.

Bruno Telli Ceccato – NTNU, Norway

A man. PhotoBruno Telli Ceccato works as a PhD researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and will obtain a dual degree with the University of Campinas. Bruno holds both MSc and BSc in chemical engineering from Brazil (Paraná and Campinas) and gained significant expertise in modelling physicochemical properties of brewer’s spent grain from craft beer production. He has also experience from private sector and integrated management systems for example. His research interests include moreover microfluidistics and food materials processing. Bruno is supervised by Jon Otto Fossum, Rosiane Lopes da Cunha, and Lucimara Gaziola de la Torre.

Hanna Demchenko – NTNU, Norway

A woman. PhotoHanna Demchenko works as a PhD researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Hanna is a physicist in training and has her education from Ukraine and France (Kyiv and Lyon). She has also worked at Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymèrs in Villeurbanne. Her expertise includes aspects of surface and polymer science including polymer phase behavior and wetting behavior as well as near field interactions and particle-particle interactions. Hanna is supervised by Matti Knaapila.

Carolina Gomez – University of Birmingham, England

A woman. PhotoCarolina Gomez works as a PhD researcher at the University of Birmingham. Her background is in chemical engineering and process and product design, with special interests in textural and rheological properties of oil-water emulsions. Ingrid is educated in Columbia but she has also worked in Germany, at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, gaining expertise in food powder formulations and microencapsulated lipophilic components. She has also worked in a non-profit organization Thought for Food as an ambassador for Latin America creating connections between young innovators and startups. Carolina is supervised by Bettina Wolf and Eddie Pelan.

Fathinah Hasyyati – Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands

A woman. Photo Fathinah Hasyyati works as a PhD researcher at the Wageningen University & Research. Fatinah holds her MSc from KU Leuven and UGent and her expertise includes rheology and chemical engineering. Fathinah’s background includes company works with Belcolade from Puratos Group and Cacaolab B.V for example. She has also worked in the Biomass and Food Processing Technology Group at the Institut Teknologi Bandung and developed palm fatty acid distillates on a pilot scale. Fatinah is supervised by Karin Schroën and Claire Berton-Carabin.

Rui Liu – Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

A woman. PhotoRui Liu works as a PhD researcher at Chalmers University of Technology. She has her background in applied physics and biophysics from Dalian University of Technology and from Copenhagen. Her expertise covers various experimental techniques including thermal analysis, magneton sputtering as well as diverse X-ray techniques and spectroscopies. Rui is supervised by Aldo Jesorka.

Eleonora Olsmats – Uppsala University, Sweden

A woman. PhotoEleonora Olsmats works as a PhD researcher at Uppsala University. Eleonora grew up in Stockholm but comes from New Hampshire where she completed her BSc in Engineering Physics. Sport is a big part of Eleonora’s live. Alongside physics she has competed for the Nordic ski team and XC team for example. Eleonora is supervised by Adrian Rennie.

Rini P. R. – Institute for Energy Technology, Norway

A woman. PhotoRini P. R. works as a PhD researcher at the Institute for Energy Technology, Norway. Rini received her master from the University of Calicut completing her master’s thesis in the Indian Space Research Organization. She has strong background in theoretical physics focusing on scattering and transfer matrix analysis. In addition, she has also worked on optical properties of vegetable oils. Rini is supervised by Kenneth Knudsen.

Sachin Rathod – Aalto University, Finland

A man. PhotoSachin Rathod works as a PhD researcher at Aalto University. Sachin holds his master in physics and has recently graduated from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Tirupati. His expertise covers different transport phenomena and microfluidics including exciting possibilities of microfluidics in plant sciences. Nor surprisingly, Sachin has pursued collaborations with plant scientists. Sachin is supervised by Jaakko Timonen.

Ieuan Roberts-Harry – Unilever, the Netherlands

A man. PhotoIeuan Roberts-Harry works as a PhD researcher at Unilever in the Netherlands. Ieuan has a BEng and MSc in Chemical Engineering, from Aston University and the University of Birmingham respectively. His master thesis concerned the tribology of emulsion based beverages, and Ieuan is also an expert in the formulation of food products. Previously, he worked as a process scientist for Unilever, working in Oral Care. Ieuan is supervised by Krassimir Velikov and receives his PhD from the University of Amsterdam.

Roos Scheermeijer – University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A woman. PhotoRoos Scheermeijer works as a PhD researcher at the University of Amsterdam. Roos developed her enthusiasm for food physics while studying food technology at Wageningen University & Research. During her work at Nestle Research in Lausanne she further developed her interests in the relation between the physical properties of a food and its mouthfeel. Roos is very excited to dive deeper into the physics part of food physics. Roos is supervised by Daniel Bonn.

Xuefeng Shen – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

A man. PhotoXuefeng Shen works as a PhD researcher at the Wageningen University & Research. Xuefeng is an electrical engineer by training having his expertise from power engineering but also from the research area of complex fluids, rheology and electro-hydrodynamics. His particular interests have been within multiphase flow problems. He has his education from Jiangsu University in China but he has worked also Gyeongsang National University in Korea. Xuefeng is supervised by Jasper van der Gucht.

Tran Hong Thang – Technical University of Denmark

A man. PhotoTran Hong Thang works as a PhD researcher at Technical University of Denmark. Tran is a biochemist by training and obtained his MSc from Vietnam. He has also worked at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology and completed various course works in the US. His expertise includes manifold biomaterials like chitin, chitosan and cellulose as well as antimicrobial ingredients and antioxidants. Tran is versed in biochemical syntheses and analytical chemistry including use of diverse bioassays. Tran is supervised by Charlotte Jacobsen.

Charalampos Tsekeridis – University of Copenhagen, Denmark

A man. PhotoCharalampos Tsekeridis works as a PhD researcher at the University of Copenhagen. He comes from Ioanna, Greece with his earlier focus on experimental physics. His expertise includes not only various characterization techniques including diverse spectroscopic methods but also fabrication of colloidal nanoparticles and superhydrophobic surfaces using chemical vapor deposition and other methods. Charalampos is therefore well versed in the Pickfood project where colloidal interactions and physical characterization are the key. Charalambos is supervised by Heloisa Bordallo.

Panlin Jin – University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A man. PhotoPanlin Jin works as a PhD researcher at the University of Amsterdam. Previously, he mainly studied on droplets & bubbles in PMMH lab. Panlin obtained his MSc in M2 fluid mechanics at Ecole Polytechnique, France, where he developed his interest in soft matter physics. Combining the experimental tools and scaling law analysis, he will keep learning and start his journey in the study of non-Newtonian fluids. Panlin is supervised by Daniel Bonn.