New paper in Chemical Engineering Science by Bruno T. Ceccato

Graphical overview of a microfluidic process

Bruno T. Ceccato has a new paper published in the Chemical Engineering Science journal – “Numerical and experimental investigation of chaotic advection and diffusion mixing effects in 3D multihelical microfluidics for liposome synthesis”

Authors of the paper include Bruno T. Ceccato, Sávio S.V. Vianna b and Lucimara G. de la Torre


  • The mixture dynamics was successfully predicted by the computational simulations.
  • The experimental characterization corresponded to the simulated fluid dynamics.
  • A diffusive and chaotic advective region was clearly defined.
  • Cryo-TEM revealed unilamellar stealth liposomes with chaotic advection.
  • High mass throughput with chaotic advection was reached.


The recent advances in nanomaterials’ production by microfluidics with high throughput became critical for industry-scale production. Numerical simulation has been part of this development, allowing faster and more detailed study of the process that would be costly only experimentally. Here, we investigated the diffusion and chaotic advection effects on cationic and stealth liposome production in a 3D multihelical chaotic-advection microfluidic device…

Read more about the paper and the abstract at ScienceDirect